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5 cute `no face´ photo ideas for SHY GIRLS 🙈📸

Do you get nervous when people are around and you want to pose for a photo? As a former shy girl I know all the struggles of posing for photos in public! So if you struggle with looking great in photos or you don´t want to show your face in pictures, here are my 5 favorite `no face´ photo ideas 😻

1. The "follow me to"

You can do this pose with your partner or alone. In any case it turns out so cute! You don´t have to show your face and even more, you can show the beautiful scenery you´re at. Win Win 💁🏼‍♀️

2. The "shy look"

As a shy girl this pose is just perfect for you. All you have to do the shy look to the ground. You can add a smile, I think this makes the pose better. Make sure to add sunglasses to have something to hide your face. In the beginning of my posing journey I felt way more secure and confident when wearing my sunglasses 😎

3. The "traveler"

This one is perfect for all the shy girls on travels! You can showcase the locations you´re at without having to pose a lot or show your face. For this pose you can stand or sit down. Just make sure you keep your back straight and your hair lays good.

Ps. A travel hat is A MUST for this pose!



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4. The "classy" one

One of my favorite travel photos of all time is the one we took in Montecarlo. For this pose I used a giant hat to cover my face. The hidden face, in combination with the triangles of my arms and legs as well as the dress, creates such an eye-catching picture!

If this one is "too extra" for you at the moment, don´t worry! Try just to hide your face with a hat and add more posing and triangles when you feel more secure.

5. The "hide your face"

Struggling with great facial expressions when posing for photos? Try the "hide your face" pose to get super cute photos! You can use anything for this pose, food, cameras, magazines, your phone.. endless possibilities!

Leave a comment if you enjoyed the blog post and would like to see more shy girls poses 👇🏼

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Kateryna Podkalenko
Kateryna Podkalenko

great suggestions! thank you for this content! :)

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