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6 posing ideas for better summer Instagram photos ☀️📸

Summer is just around the corner and so is your next vacation 🌴

And just as "summer bodys are made in winter" that is also true when it comes to poses!

Learn and practice posing NOW and level up your summer photo game 😎

Let me share with you 6 of my favorite poses for summer Instagram photos that you NEED to try on your next vacation!

1. The "great body" pose

Let´s start with one of my favorite poses to look fabulous in your photos! This pose will help you look awesome in your pictures.

What is important?

✔️ turn 45 degrees to camera

✔️ build triangles with arms & legs

✔️ put your hand on your waist

✔️ bonus: use sunglasses for better facial expression

Ps. By putting your hand on your waist like I do in this example you can also make your waist appear smaller! Just one of many tips to hide problem zones 😉

2. The "triangle magic" pose

You still don´t believe that triangles can help you elevate your poses? Here´s another example for you. Look how my arms and legs build different kinds of triangles and how dynamic and flattering this pose looks?

Ps. If you want to hide a belly use a hat as a cover up!

3. The "top down" pose

This one is basically like a flatlay. You ask your photographer to stand on something, a chair or anything else to be elevated and take the photo completely from the top. This creates a very unique perspective (the perspective is called birds eye view).

For this pose you can add some accessories like a book, a magazine, a drink, sunglasses, food... Anything you like! Your arms can be straight forward or creating triangles. I would recommend try different poses to see what you like the best!




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4. The "reflection" pose

For this beautiful portrait you want to include the reflections in the water in your picture. You should relax your hands and create some nice poses with them. When you´re taking photos in the pool I would suggest to get your hair wet. I think personally that it looks even more beautiful.

5. The "put your legs up" pose

I will admit, this one is not a candid pose 😂 However it is such an eye-catcher!

And if you think to yourself "aww, this looks kind of hard" than let me tell you that I was 8 months pregnant in this pose and still was able to keep my legs high. And so can you!

Ps. I would suggest to put your arms asymmetrical, just like I did in this photo, to make it even more interesting.

6. The "faceless" beach pose

If you´re into some interesting poses and not the typical "boring" stuff, you should definitely try this pose. Cover half of your face with your hat, sit down and try to keep your back straight.

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