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Strike a Pose - Online Posing Course


Posing makes the difference

Small adjustments make all the difference!

Trust me, posing is a game-changer. You´ll not only start looking fabulous in photos, but also you´ll feel much more confident in everyday life!

All it takes are techniques that I´ll teach you in my online course.


Online Posing Course

🎥 +5h of prerecorded video classes

💪 For all body types, ages, and sizes!

🤳 Master selfies, travel pictures, group shots, couple photos and much more!

🕒 One time payment & lifetime access 

🌟 Never shy away from a camera again!


"There´s no such thing as being unphotogenic"



🎥 Posing lessons (199$)

🎁 Exclusive bonus lessons

  • couple posing (99$)

  • travel poses (99$)

  • beach poses (49$)

  • selfies (49$)

  • posing with friends (49$)

  • group posing (49$)

  • poses for men (49$)

  • posing with jackets / coats (49$)

  • pregnancy poses (49$)

📱 Posing eBook (29$)

🎓 Knowlege you get forever (priceless)

⏳ Lifetime access

💎 14-Day-Money-Back Guarentee

Total course value 769$

You pay only 177$

💎 Risk-Free 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee 💎

Committing to an online course is a big decision!

That's why I offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

If you´re not happy with the course, you´ll get your money back. But with a 99% satisfaction rate

I am pretty sure you´ll love it just as much as thousands of other women worldwide!


Empowering millions of women worldwide & now sharing all my techniques in depth with you


🌟 What's Inside The Course 🌟

The only posing course you´ll ever need

Helping women feel

beautiful in photos & get

pictures they´ll be proud of

Hi, my name is Tori and over the last 6 years I´ve build an Instagram community of over 700.000 strong, talented and creative women from all around the world who are interested in creating photos and look fabulous in their pictures.

Through my reels I´ve inspired and motivated millions of women to start taking photos and changed how they can look and feel in their pictures!

My mission in the tori.smi academy is to teach you ALL the skills you need to finally get the photos you´ve always dreamed off and never ever again feel unphotogenic!

  • I'm a total beginner on posing and photography. Is this online course still for me?
    Absolutely! This course is designed for women of all ages, sizes, and experience levels. Whether you're a beginner or looking to fine-tune your skills, you'll find valuable lessons tailored to you.
  • Will these techniques take long to implement?
    Not at all! The course is packed with simple, step-by-step guides that you can start using right away. Plus, with over 5 hours of video material, you can learn at your own pace and start implementing the techniques starting TODAY.
  • What if I'm not satisfied with the course?
    We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. We're confident you'll love the online course, but if you don't, we've got you covered.
  • I don't often take Instagram photos. Will I still benefit from this Masterclass?
    Absolutely! While the skills you'll gain will make your Instagram photos pop, they're equally applicable to family photos, professional headshots, or even your personal photo albums.
  • Is this course gonna help me take better photos?
    This online course is designed to teach you everything on POSING. You learn how to look your best in photos. If you´re looking to learn how to take the best photos you should check my online photography course The Art of Insta. This course teaches you everything except posing that you need to capture the most amazing pictures.
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