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Your guide to picture perfect photos

For every woman who's ever said,
"I wish I could take photos like THAT!" 🌸



🚀 Level - Beginner & hobby photographer

📖 eBook with over 100 pages - full of tips & examples

📱 Mobile photography - get the best quality for your photos

💃🏽 Movement - capture movement with your phone

🖼️ Composition 101 - create captivating images

💡 Lighting - use light to your advantage

🎨 Color theory - combine colors for eye-catching photos

🎁 Bonus 1 - Accessorizing

🎁 Bonus 2 - Backdrops

"From being a fan of great Instagram shots to being the creator behind them. Step up your photography journey." 📸💫


🎓 Sharing my secret sauce for insta-worthy shots:

🖼 The art of composition:

Frame your shots like a pro

☀️ The magic of light:

Turn any lighting condition to your advantage

📚 Understand your gear: Understand your phone camera, making it your best tool

🎨 Elevate your color game:

Learn to see and pick the right colors for impressive photos

🌆 Choose the perfect backdrop: Make every environment, even the most basic one, work in your favor

The Art of Instagram Photography


📖 eBook with +100 pages

🎓 Photography basics

💡 Lighting Secrets

🖼️ Composition 101

🎨 Color Theory

📱 Phone Camera Settings

🎁 Bonus 1 - Accessorizing

🎁 Bonus 2 - Backdrops

📅 Lifetime access!

💸 34.99 💸

"Your dream shots are just one click away!" 📸💫

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📸 Meet Your Teacher

Hi, I'm Victoria,


a full time Instagrammer that turned her passion into a career. 


I'm passionate about helping women like you feel more confident and beautiful infront and behind the lens.


With years of experience in photography and posing, I've mastered the art and science of it. Because trust me, I´ve been where you are now and I desperately wanted to improve my photos. So I know how you feel and what you need to change, to get the photos you deserve. It´s not even just about the pictures - it's about empowering you to be your best self, on and off the camera.


I've started my photography journey using a phone, so I know exactly how to use it for amazing pictures. This eBook breaks down photography into easy, actionable steps that anyone can follow. Trust me, you're in great hands, and I can't wait to see you transform!

Let's make every shot your best shot! 📸

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