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Course starts 01.01.23

The online course for better photos


For every woman who wants to look her best and take great photos of herself

Beginners & Advanced

✅ Photography, Posing & Editing
✅ +10 hours of video lessons

✅ 14 days money back guarantee

Wondering how some people on Instagram manage to have these amazing photos?

It´s a common mistake to think you need expensive gear, a professional photographer or impressive locations to get results like this.

In my course I will teach you easy techniques to improve your photos immediately. You will get more confident in front of the camera and you will love to take photos.

3 modules to step up your photo game

By the end of this course you will be able to take amazing photos of yourself and by yourself using your mobile.

3 modules to step up your photo game

By the end of this course you will be able to take amazing photos of yourself and by yourself using your mobile.

3 modules to step up your photo game

My online course is divided in 3 modules.

In the first module you will learn everything about photography. So you know how to take impressive photos.

The second modul is about you and your poses. You will learn how to conceal problem areas and how to look your absolut best.

In third modul we will take your photos to the next level with editing.  

Hi, I´m Victoria

On Instagram & TikTok I am known as tori.smi.

I am a photographer, posing coach & full time content creator with more than 6 years of experience.

Thanks to my photography and editing skills I am a part of the Nikon creator family and also a brand ambassador for Picsart.


My goal is to help women to have fun with photography, feel their best thanks to posing and to be able to capture the most wonderful memories by themselfs.

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What the course teaches you:

You are not 
you just don´t know how to pose!


The Art of INSTA 2.0

✅ For beginners & advanced

✅ Preset Collection

✅ Lifetime access
✅+4 hours of video lessons

✅ Free updates

✅ Learn at your own pace


Photo Academy


✅ get sharp photos

✅ learn how to use your mobile

✅ know what to do in any location

✅ find ideas and the best locations 

✅ use colors to enhance your photo

✅ teach your photo buddy how to take photos


✅ conceal your problem areas

✅ find your best angles

✅ know what to do with your hands

✅ improve your facial expressions

✅ get confident in front of the camera

✅ look your best regardless of weight & age


✅ clean up your photo

✅ create smoother skin
✅ change the sky

 enhance colors

 change any color

✅ improve your photo

Photo Academy

Insta Photo Academy



✅ mobile photography & editing
✅ learn to take photos completely by yourself 

✅ +4 hours of video lessons

✅ starter preset pack

✅ 3 months access

Insta Pro Academy


✅ complete Insta Pro Academy Essential

Insta Pro Academy


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Customer reviews

"Dear Tori,

first of all I want to tell you directly: I love your course!

It gave me so much great input, especially about concealing the problem areas legs / arms. The couple poses are also great, we love them and have already implemented some. Overall, you / you guys did a great job with the course, it was a great investment! By the way, I also love your style and how you incorporate your accessories into the pictures. I enjoy new content from you every time, keep up the good work! Very dear greetings, Tina


Course overview

course-overview (7).jpg


Learn the basics:

  • Photography rules

  • Perspective & Composition

  • Color Theory

  • Light

  • Storytelling

course-overview (8).jpg


Master your photos:

  • Finding ideas

  • Planning photos

  • Taking photos by yourself

  • Indoor & Outdoor photography

  • Teach your photo buddy

  • Harmonical Instagram Feed

  • Photography mistakes

  • Practical tipps

course-overview (2).jpg


Give your photos the final touch:

  • Color grading

  • Skin retouching

  • Photo retouching

  • Special effect

  • Chaning colors

  • Using presets


Lifetime Access

All videos are instantly & always accessible, so you can learn at your own pace

Free Updates

As soon as new videos are available you will get free access to them

Various Bonuses

You will benefit from several different bonuses

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