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Reels online course


For everyone who wants to grow on Instagram!

Beginners & Advanced

Easy tips to get more reach

Tutorials: creating reels & video effects

✅ You need just your mobile
✅ +1,5 hours of video lessons

✅ In english & german

Have just finished the course and am thrilled 🤩 Thaaaanks



Do you have problems growing on Instagram and reaching new people?

I had the same problem in the last years.

Between 2020 an 2022 my following didn´t grow. During this time I only reached my existing followers, but no more new people.


But this changed in February 2022... 

The Gamechanger: Reels

As soon as I started creating Reels the right way my following started to explode. And with the right way I mean to post Reels with a plan & strategy.


In only 8 months I grew up to 500.000 follower. That´s 400.000 new people!!

No support groups, paid advertising or other "tricks". Just Reels!


What are Reels?

Reels are short videos that are 10-30 seconds long.

Since the introduction of Reels, Instagram prefers this format and gives it significantly more reach. Other formats, such as images or stories, now reach fewer people on Instagram.

Those who still want to grow with images are unfortunately doomed to fail.

On the other hand those who use Reels wisely are more likely to grow.


Who will benefit from the course?

Everyone who wants to grow on Instagram and reach a lot of people. It doesn't matter if you are a hobby Instagrammer, an aspiring influencer or a business owner.

Small accounts in particular can benefit greatly from Reels despite having a small number of followers.


It doesen´t matter in which segment you are in, "Rock your Reels" strategies work for any niche.


What the course teaches you:



Rock your Reels

✅ For beginners & advanced

✅ Lifetime access
✅ One time payment & instant use
✅ +1,5 hours of video lessons

✅ Free updates

✅ Learn at your own pace

Customer reviews

Thank you thank you thank you for your absolutely awesome course!!! My last reels really went through the roof. Almost every one of them land on the explorepage, because I have looked at what is really well received by my community. Today I have reached 1 million people. It might not be anything special to many, but I'm so happy! I have learned so much from your course 🥰🥰


Course overview


  • about Reels

  • Reels algorithm

Video editing

  • create Reels on your mobile

  • tutorials for cuting, video effects & trends

Virality & Ideas

  • 4 kinds of virality 

  • finding viral ideas

  • recipe for viral Reels

Know How

  • turning views into follows

  • why you don´t get views

  • tips for better performance & quality

  • I'm a total beginner on posing and photography. Is this online course still for me?
    Absolutely! This course is designed for women of all ages, sizes, and experience levels. Whether you're a beginner or looking to fine-tune your skills, you'll find valuable lessons tailored to you.
  • Will these techniques take long to implement?
    Not at all! The course is packed with simple, step-by-step guides that you can start using right away. Plus, with over 5 hours of video material, you can learn at your own pace and start implementing the techniques starting TODAY.
  • What if I'm not satisfied with the course?
    We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. We're confident you'll love the online course, but if you don't, we've got you covered.
  • I don't often take Instagram photos. Will I still benefit from this Masterclass?
    Absolutely! While the skills you'll gain will make your Instagram photos pop, they're equally applicable to family photos, professional headshots, or even your personal photo albums.
  • Is this course gonna help me take better photos?
    This online course is designed to teach you everything on POSING. You learn how to look your best in photos. If you´re looking to learn how to take the best photos you should check my online photography course The Art of Insta. This course teaches you everything except posing that you need to capture the most amazing pictures.


Lifetime Access

All videos are instantly & always accessible, so you can learn at your own pace

Free Updates

As soon as new videos are available you will get free access to them

Various Bonuses

You will benefit from several different bonuses

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